Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Small Things.

I feel a return to the ‘small project’ coming on. Not that was ever into the large ones per se. Those never-ending -life’s work layouts all seemed a little beyond me, Buckingham excepted. The fact that someone can spend a lifetimes modelling working on one project is quite frankly beyond my comprehension; I just have too many ideas and too many interests within the hobby. Even after a major clear-out a couple of years ago where thirty years of modelling rubbish went to landfill, I still have three boxes of stuff in the loft. Now I realise that three boxes to some people is a mere drop in the ocean, but three boxes is two boxes too much. Much of what is in these boxes are the ‘one-day projects’, not as in 24 hours, but things that will get done one day. Single projects or ideas that have been the first step for a new idea – the VGA below is an example. Others would be the Lima 117 DMU into a single car unit after the MRJ article more than a few years ago. That’s been around so long that even Lima beat me to it. Now with two layouts on the exhibition circuit I really should work through some of these existing ideas, even though most of them have no particular place to end up. After all, they are in the most part, paid for; there is no more outlay. They are modelling for its own sake.

Isn’t that why we all started?

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