Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Egger Conversion

The title of this being like something out of 009 News in 1978. Well.... it probably was, for this is just one such project. Bearing in mind that Garn has 1.5 exhibition outings in 2010, I thought it wise to build-up the motive power base a little knowing how shows can quickly wipe-out 009 locos. A few years ago I started picking up Egger/Jouef stock partly for a retro-layout and partly for a continental tramway idea. Therefore there have been several (5) locos in the loft awaiting attention. Knowing full well that the first idea probably won't happen I made a decision to convert a couple to run on Garn. This is the first.
Below the footplate and the cab are the Egger 'works diesel', the rest 30thou plasticard. The roof was smoothed and a vent flap added and a bonnet put together. The grill is an N gauge gate, surplus from Unnycoombe.
To add are Greenwich couplings, glazing and, when I work out where to put it, the original exhaust pipe.


  1. I love the idea of using a N scale gate as a grille.

  2. That wasn't the most odd bit of material. Thanks for dropping by.