Sunday, 1 November 2009

Expo NG

ExpoNG yesterday. Great show. One of the better ones of recent years, although the list published hadn’t filled me with expectation. What I went to see was Chris Peacock’s Cotehele; though in the end it sort of disappointed me and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Expong however is less about exhibits and more about talking. After you have been working in narrow gauge scales for twenty five years, it seems as though your whole social base is in this room- well mine is. I was in the hall for the best part of five hours and didn’t stop talking the entire time.

Likes and dislikes? Well apart from the above I was rather taken with Don Sibley’s Willowdale Light which, when you could see around Don, stood up better in the flesh than in photos; which is not always the case, and Tom Dauben’s Dunbracken which rightly walked away with the Hendriksen Trophy. He was smiling broadly afterwards – I know how he felt, I smiled for days after Wood End got it in 2000. What this did do was bring this back into its rightful territory of the ‘spirit’ of Reinier’s work. To my mind there have been a couple of dodgy presentations of the RH in recent years; ones which were a long way from spirit and even scale, for surely this is a 4mm scale award?

The day threw up (as it always does) a lot of what’s next? Garn was taken off its shelf a couple of days ago, due to the stalling of the DMU project, and looked at – looked at hard. What do I want to do with this? It has not grabbed the public attention the way Wood End did and I’m not sure why as it is more or less the same basic idea and techniques. It’s not going to get binned – not yet anyway, but it does need attention – re-grassing in places and the ballast in some lights looks weedy and overgrown and in others just badly done. I have on this point alone started chipping away at some of the errant lumps of magnesium chips in an effort to tidy it up.

Is 009 the direction in which I want to go? Does this fulfill the sort of modelling that I wish to do and possibly exhibit? The irony is that now I have more time to exhibit layouts, the invites do not come. Contrast this to a few years ago when I had to fend them off with a cricket bat.

I’ll return to this point no doubt.

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