Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kennel Club

The completed Egger conversion; well, Egger diesel with a dog kennel on the front!

Bill of fare was: One Eggerbahn works diesel, 30 thou plasticard, diabetic urine dip stick (really!) N gauge picket gate, Airfix figure, Greenwich coupling, paint. All of which was in stock so current cost nil. The Egger mechs are variable, some good, some dreadful. This is somewhere in the middle, but is only destined for a back-up role on Garn. There are in the cupboard, three Wild West locos, bought for £25 a piece I think. I may use one of these as the basis for a boxy Sentinal; I have all the info, drawings etc, so once again it’s just a little plasticard and paint.

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