Friday, 27 November 2009

Tal-y-llyn Bugbox

Components fresh from scrapbox: Sides and chassis from Meridian Models No4 coach.

Shortened by one bay each end.

Blu-tacked to check visual against Parkside FR style bugbox.

End view showing the terrible height difference.

Ends from 30 thou and strip. Two bulkheads fitted. No seats. Pointless, you wouldn't see them. Roof strut fitted but not sanded to height.

Glazing is a little off from this angle. Roof from 20 thou and a sheet of toilet paper.


  1. Toilet paper! You certainly use odd materials. I assume the toilet paper is to give the roof some texture. Is it difficult to glue on and paint?

  2. Not so much odd as logical. I started using a single thickness of toilet paper to represent canvas roofing years ago on an O Gauge project. Not difficult; stretch over the roof and add (plenty) of solvent working outward from the middle. Trim and tidy up. Leave to dry and paint to choice.

  3. Superb modelling ! Wood End was the first layout that got me interested in OO9. Could you put up an overall pic of Garn ? A fascinating technique for building construction too !

  4. ECMT, Glad you liked Wood End, it's still probably the all time favourite of Nigel and mine's layouts.
    I'll get some overall photos of Garn up soon.