Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Talk about multiple projects. I seem to have too many things on the go at the moment. Garn (over on the other page) is receiving some attention due to the fact that it's going out once or twice in 2010, so some lightweight stock-building going on there. Nigel Hill's Unnycoombe layout (of which I am cheif engineer) although basically finished is getting the stock toned down ready for a March outing, Simon Hargraves keeps nudging me into getting on with the Modern Image project Llyfordd which was started in a stock sort of way (don't hold your breath) and finally there is the back-of-the-mind push to something in 7mm. Phew!
It's a good thing I'm virtually unemployed (who said unemployable?).

These multiple projects stop boredom especially of they are one hit small work-pieces such as stock and I know I'm not alone in this wanderlust of model rail.

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