Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A couple of thoughts this week about P4. First following a conversation about light railways and specifically the track and then tripping over the Ultrascale site and noticing all the conversion kits. This led to a train of thought about how difficult would it be to build Llynfordd in P4 rather than OO. I've built track in the past using copperclad in OO and EM (and 009!) so how much more effort would be needed to go to 18.83?


  1. Hmmmmm. I thought the same when I moved to 3mm sclae. How hard could 14.2 be compared with 12mm gauge ?

    Bloody hard, that's how hard. 3 times the layout was given an hours grace from heading to the tip 'cos we couldn't get things to stay put on the track.

    EM uses the same standards as OO but with the wheels further apart. To get the extra 0.62 of a mm you have narrower wheels and finer flanges.

    Is it worth it ? Well if you can make it work then probably yes. Personally I'm happy with OO but then I like to concentraite on other aspects of the hobby. P4 needs too much technical precision for me BUT it's your train set so if you fancy it, go for it. Just build a test track first with a couple of points.

  2. Your comment echoed what I've always thought and why I've never done it; sticking to the less fussy gauges of OO/EM or in one case F/S O.
    There's a fine line between what you hope is accurate and what is totally unworkable. The projected Llynfordd will only have a couple of points... so...