Thursday, 1 April 2010


There appears to be a small rush of pug bashes around at the moment. I'll just add to that.
A few years ago i built a small layout in OO called Froxington. It's history was short being an ill-conceived development from another layout and was ultimately binned at the local tip causing some consternation amongst it's fans. The stock was built from odds and ends by yours truly and Nigel Hill with very much of an 009 mindset. The above is a loose-roofed pug-bash of Nigel's after an article in a late fifties MRN. Skirted and powered by a 28mmm Tenshodo spud it ran with a nonchalant air despite having a large amount of weight.
The coach is a standard Hornby product lowered in the body by about 4mm and mounted on a 12' Parkside chassis.
The layout was described in the August 2007 RM.

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