Friday, 29 October 2010


The Llynfordd fiddle yard as it stands. Yesterday three lengths of track were purchased to finish it. (it's like being 15 again. Going the to Hobby Box and buying Peco code 100).
The left hand side is obvious - the right will have a line coming in from the bottom of the photo with a dead-end kick-back into the dead space in the centre. Just enough to hold a loco, brake vans or possibly a rake of three VDAs. The l/h side represents the 'rest-of-the-world', the right the industrial park with the feed shippers and the scrap transfer site.
It did occur to me yesterday the the operation won't be a million miles from CP's Paradise Mining Company (at Expong tomorrow) with the added bonus of passenger traffic.

All this is very much a leap in the dark. I'm still not sure what the end result will look like and if it will all work as a whole. I'm leaning quite heavily on other's knowledge and loads of research, and I'm still not sure if it's right.

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