Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Again today the cutting of the backscene boards for Llynfordd has been cancelled due to damp weather. I'm not adverse to a small amount of MDF dust, but I'd rather do it outside using the bench as a support. Water and new MDF aren't particularly good bedfellows.

When I was resident in Devon a few years ago I popped into Buffers in Axminster; a better than average model shop with a slight lean toward G and large scale in general. They run an ad in RM which has featured James May in recent runs. However the ad in this month's mag caused a splutter. In ANY other periodical the exposure of an amount of cleavage would not warrant a second glance; and indeed is to be encouraged. But the inclusion of same in dear old conservative RM for some reason jars slightly. I wonder what Sidney Pritchard would make of it, and even more so CJF who blanched at the term SM32 as it had 'sexual connotations'. For what it's worth I think this is a good move. But what next? A section near the rear where 'Junior Modeller' used to be containing grubby Polaroids titled 'Retailer of the Month'?

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