Thursday, 17 March 2011

Those are nice bumps you have...

I seem to like tedious jobs. And most involve cardboard for some reason. The 'lifted track' on the bridge looked OK so I thought I would do the same through the body of the layout. The historical background for those that haven't spotted it, is that Llynfordd is a 'new' station. The old site has been developed and a new platform built a few hundred yards down the main line which has also been singled. This is not a million miles away from the history of Uckfield station just up the road from here, and seemed relevant to the South Wales valleys which were having cash thrown at them in an effort to regenerate during the 80s. So there has to be evidence of the lifted down line. I've used the same technique(!) as the bridge. That is; strips of thin card cut roughly the same length as the PECO HO sleepers and slightly under-width to match the spacing, covered with sticky emulsion. The card is from tights packets again, and is no more that 1/2mm thick, so that when the whole lot is covered in scanky ballast and weedy flock there should be a very subtle regular undulation reminiscent of the ballast pattern on lifted lines.
This has to be almost un-noticeable otherwise it won't work. If it doesn't, I can always get a wide chisel and take the whole lot off.

Don't forget Garn is appearing at the Arundel exhibition this Saturday the 19th. As is the N gauge of the strange looking chap in the helmet to your right. Feel for me, I have to share a car with him. I bet he wears it now just to embarrass me. Arundel is a tiny show, but very friendly. Do come along and say hello.

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  1. Well I will have a helmet with me, just not that one!