Sunday, 3 April 2011


Yesterday's post generated no comments, but a lot of emails. Reason for that? Due to the creeping dieselisation of Unnycoombe I was passed a couple of items to weather. The first, this Dapol Hymek. Referring to an RM profile article from the 90s with a good colour photo of the period I set to work with a No3 brush and a couple of pots of acrylic. I've said before that I find it hard to get my eye in weathering N gauge, for some reason the paint particles scale differently. What I was going for was dusty rather than the filthy mid sixties steam, so: red leather,brick red followed by german grey on the underside and as little german grey dry-brushed on the body as I could get away with. The Hymeks, although newish, would have had a couple of years service so would have generated a fair bit of underframe dirt. As it was I just copied the photo.


  1. Looks good; I really must get around to doing more to the rolling stock for Fidley.....weathering, painting, different couplings etc.,etc.,etc........

  2. I have the same problem with paint scaling differently in 3mm scale. A full weathering job that I'd do in 4mm looks over the top. A simple wash of thinned paint works best.

  3. Si: Ta.
    PP: Glad it's not just me then.