Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Being that there are a few half done projects lying about I thought it a good idea to prioritise. Llynfordd needs industrial shunters and if I don't get one of them done I'll end up using the green liveried 03 which while provable is not ideal. The £12 Joueff switcher has be sitting on the window sill for a couple of months and as I'd started trying to de-American-ise it, I thought it best to carry on.
Unfortunately the boxes at the front contain ballast weights so can't be sawn off, but a little reducing of the radiator and exhast stack and enlarging of the roof has been carried out so far, as well as a little window frame didling. The influences are the Barclay 0-6-0s at the Settle Speakman Branch on Sheppey as featured in the January 10 RM.
Handrails to go... now I've ground-off all the moulded ones.

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