Monday, 6 June 2011


The July RM dropped through the door this morning. Two things: can something with one point and a sector plate be called a layout? And there would seem to be a sudden increase in pictures of 'people'. Is this a good thing I ask myself? Nice model, but ugly mug. Lets face it. On the whole we're not exactly a pretty pin-up bunch that deserve to get our pictures published are we.


  1. As the owner of a face suitable for radio as long as the volume is turned down, I know what you mean about mugshots. On the other hand there is a tendency for writers to be a bit faceless and sometimes this can make the hobby less inclusive than it needs to be. I'm happy to be recognised at shows - if I wasn't I wouldn't do them and certainly not wearing a badge with my name on. Others however would probably prefer to be anonymous. I imagine magazine editors are very happy to escape people eager to tell them how they should be doing their job.

  2. Model Rail have a bit about the modeller which often has a photo, and there's always photos of the team. It is nice to see what people look like as long the pictures aren't too big (and taking up space that could be used for photos of layouts). It does lead to my 3 year old daughter asking "what's that man called?" though.

  3. Best of luck for the 16th from Norge