Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Village Bike

First let me say that the my comments on RM in the last post were purely observations - heartfelt , but observations none the less. What concerns me with mug shots is that the hobby is tarred with a dirty old man tag at the best of times without underlining that by publishing photos of modellers who, to put it gently are not in their first flush of youth. However once you follow that train of thought then you are soon picking layouts not by quality or WHY, but to show a balanced age range. (Anyone remember Kendoon in MRJ many years back? Sweet child, very shy and retiring).

Passing through Brighton station yesterday I caught this announcement: 'Will passengers please note that the London to Brighton bike ride will take place on the 19th June. No cycles will be carried on trains between Brighton and London on this day.'
Is this not the most bizarre statement you've ever heard? Hundreds of potential customers and no forward planning or capability. Did we not used to run run football specials and summer Saturday extras not to mention pigeon trains?

Thanks to my not so mystery commenter. 13th not 16th. If I've understood that correctly.

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  1. As far as I know, the ban on bikes on the day of the bike ride has existed since Southern went over to modern 377 units, which don't have a guards van and have only limited cycle space....and wheelchair/scooter users have priority over this. The event organisers have put on transport (bus/lorry) for participants and their cycles. I seem to remember that back in the'80s there were dedicated trains for the event, but that back then BR had parcels stock which could be used for the hundreds of bikes. That traffic now goes by lorry, as do the cycles. Chances are that on a summer sunday the trains from Brighton to London and back will be pretty full (I regularly see emails with 1AXX full and standing!) without any additional traffic. A further complication is that TOCs get fined for late running, the tangle of getting bikes plus passengers on and off trains will make this almost inevitable. For similar reasons, full-sized (as opposed to folding) cycles are banned from most weekday peak time trains nowadays.