Saturday, 13 August 2011

Polishing a turd

The Joueff ex-Lima shunter had been hanging around on the windowsill for a while so time to tart it up for use. The basic model was bought from a rummage box for 12 quid (see here)
and after a little gentle anglisisation had sat unloved. It looks though as it might form the backbone of the shunting services due to the fact that it runs sweetly and does not interfere with the uncouplers unlike the Bachmann 03 and the Pug.

So a coat or two of Halfords Vauxhall blue and a mix of washes and dry-brushing - remember dry brushing? Before we were all told that the only way to weather something was to spend hundreds on an air brush. Sorry I don't have hundreds.
I need to add lights and a few detaily bits, and remove the rear coupler, but it's basically ready to roll

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  1. Good point about dry-brushing. I still do a lot of it and it still works just as well as it ever did.