Sunday, 14 August 2011


It's been a busy ten days: first the painting of, and the scrap loads for the MDVs, then the groundframe from coffee stirers/matches/security fence scrap/plastic,

then the end of the platform looked bare behind the curtain wall so I had the idea of a bike rack. I don't know where the railings came from but they were in the box. The wall is two layers of Slaters embossed plasticard, the fencing the gate left over from the fencing atop the retaining wall, the concrete apron is a bit of rather faded 20 thou p/card and the rack is 1mm plastic rod rubbed between the fingers to bend - rather like a Cuban girl's legs and a good cigar.

The bike is a bit on the old side. Should be an MTB really. Oh, and the sign is more 1mm rod and a tights packet/ Tiny signs combination - thanks to Stig for those.... the signs not the tights.


  1. I think that kind of bike is fine. I'm fairly sure it was the 90s that mountain bikes became more popular.

  2. There's definitly a thing for retro look bikes nowadays. Besides, bike anoraks are worse than train anoraks so can safely be ignored. They are probably too busy shaving thier legs to bother looking anyway.