Friday, 2 September 2011

Two inches of cute Susan.

Basically done. Balance pipes (plastic rod) suggestion of reversing lever (brass etch scrap) whistle (ballpoint pen) and another light coat of primer to show up all the gaps and glue runs. I had an issue with the front coupler. To use the usual Greenwich which has a long flat tail to mount it, I would have needed to cover the screw that holds the entire thing together. Yes I know people do this all the time... In the end I found a stepped whitemetal casting from a kit that could be superglued to the bufferbeam at the right height and leave the screw clear. I think all 2 inches of it looks quite cute and not as distorted in the flesh as the macro lens makes it look here. My thanks to CP and the husband of the real Susan for their barrage of critique over the last few days.

So only to paint in dirty green and ready for ExpoNG.


  1. "whistle (ballpoint pen)" - That's my kind of modelling. None of this "whistle expensive brass casting sourced from a specialist trade stand you'll never find" !

  2. Why buy when you can bodge?