Sunday, 23 October 2011


The latest oddjob in nearly built mode. It's fair to say that if you can't say something nice, then say nothing. Most of this is parts from a Gem 'Douglas' kit.... ahem.
Even with the roof replaced with brass, it did wheelies. So there is as much weight up the front as possible including half of Mrs. F's jewelery.
There is still much to do before Expong.


  1. Q:What do you call a bloke with a spade on his head?
    Q:What do you call a bloke WITHOUT a spade on his head?
    I got one of these kits 2nd hand with chassis when I was about 17; I'd never attempted anything like it before, didn't know how to mix Araldite properly and the chassis that came with it didn't fit as it was a Fleischmann "Black Anna" rather than the Arnold, which supposedly does. I never did finish it, and I think "Anna" ended up under a Chivers Festiniog diesel ("?????? Castle")which was probably the best place for it. Haven't a clue where that went, 009 sales I expect......
    Anyway you've got much further with yours than I ever did (or was likely to) with mine, and it's already looking characterful; I like the toolbox, jack and chain.
    See you on saturday, will be free some of the time if you need a spare operator/drinks fetcher.

  2. Ta. The toolbox, chain, and jack are there only to stop it sitting on its arse like a well behaved labrador puppy.
    Spare op may be useful... I may have just upset the pre-booked one...