Friday, 28 October 2011

Expo NG 2011

.... will be appearing at Expong tomorrow.
The layout has been a bit of a curates egg since its inception. The name comes from the word uttered by Eliza Doolittle as she sits on the kerb replying to Henry Higgins' claims to turn her into a shop girl. 'Garn!' Thus it follows several layouts with a twisted link to My Fair Lady, Wood End included. When asked if it's based in Wales I've always said no, placing it near the Snailbeach in Shropshire. Wood End and Brookside were spotted on an OS map of Shrewsbury long after the layout had been sold, and yet Garn resolutely and repeatedly pops up in Wales - the above near Blaenavon. Maybe I should move it.
For students of Welsh, garn means 'cairn'. So the above sign translates to 'cairn the plot' or 'cairn the acre'.

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