Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Oddjob 4.1

Apart from all the usual flack that I get from the usual two gentlemen, one who builds very little and one who builds the most unlikely steam locomotives. (Smile boys, it's a joke) 'Doug' has not been a great success. It runs OK, but has developed an alarming hump in the footplate which 'pinged' everything apart on Friday. I repaired and stuck a couple of couplings on it so it could at least be run up and down at ExpoNG in primer. However it needs a re-think. Mr Ponting lent across Garn on Saturday with the wise words that the Douglas kit always did wheelies, so I'm not alone.
Modelling is full of failures; most of which never see the light of day. Another is the Knightwing diesel bash that was destined for Llynfordd, doomed as soon as the decision was made to use ramp uncouplers as the Tenshodo drive unit is too low to clear them. Sticking things together can be a fraught business that causes no end of wailing and screaming. Building endless one-offs is the pleasure and the pain of what we do and as Plato said, in every modelling life, a little bent plasticard must fall.

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