Wednesday, 16 November 2011

R/C Query More

Another question. Not serious, just one of those 'I wonder' moments. I notice that Sainsburys were knocking out R/C 4x4s for fifteen quid this week. That seems cheap. Has anyone torn the guts out of one of these and used it to power a loco? Say a 16mm shunter.

Further to the above and the comment from Phil, I've had extensive email information from CP and Ian Roberts on the subject including the fact that it's applicable to stuff running on 16.5mm track. Further raking about on this can be found here:
So it seems it will be very possible to do. But enough of this idle speculation, it's back to the 0-16.5 wagonry, but first.... I have to hang the washing out.

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  1. There used to be quite a trend for 16millers to use cheap 4X4 truck toys to power shunters. Can't remember the name but there were a lot of them.

    A R/C Version should be even better. Speed will be on or off but if it runs slowly enough that might not matter.