Sunday, 20 November 2011

Warley 11

Rather unexpectedly I tipped up at Warley courtesy off Eeyore having to be there in his SRS chairman role and having a spare seat in his car which I sat on. I'm sure the web will be plastered with event photos so won't bother - just a couple of thoughts.
Warley leaves me cold. I spent the whole day there, from 9.30 till a few minutes to six, and while I wasn't bored exactly, there is just so much to see that I didn't feel I had the time to look at anything properly.
Points of the day were: a chat with Phil Parker - there with his 3mm, Tim's Portskerra, a 4mm Broad gauge layout that I was quite taken with, Dewsbury, Mannin Middle which didn't grab me when it was in RM, but did yesterday and about three or four others. That's the problem. I can't remember.There is just too much of it.
Yesterday was only my second visit and both times I have spent a little while with the demo stands. Last time was with the guy that built the road vehicles for Dunwich whose name suddenly escapes me, and yesterday with Geoff Taylor (link to your right) discussing his mix of card and plastic in building construction and Ian Rathbone on lining which always scares the hell out of me.
So what I picked out of the day was the modellers, not the models.
And my thanks to the Banbury fish and chip shop who gave the three of us a FREE meal on the way back to Sussex. Sometimes it pays to be cheeky.


  1. Everything I hear about the NEC-era Warley show makes me want to never go there. I lived in the Midlands before it moved to there and it was nice when it was local-er.

    What's wrong with half a dozen layouts in a village hall anyway?

  2. Well I thoroughly enjoyed my day out at Seaford! While there were rather more than half-a-dozen layouts and it was in a sports hall, there was a nice atmosphere, the layouts were a good mix and there were several trade stands selling a things from books and r-t-r to esoteric stuff like a set of Masokits etched brake gear for early wagons. Who could resist a kit that "should not be attempted by anyone who does not have a large vocabulary of very naughty words"? Not I just need to find some wagons to fit the brake gear to.....
    Worryingly, I seem to have purchased some more EM gauge wheelsets too......mind you, I've been doing that sort of thing for the last 25 years and, fortunately, no layout has resulted.
    Back on topic.....while I was in Brum on friday and could probably have found a cheap B&B to "do" Warley on the saturday, I thought about the prospect of all those people and got the next train home.....bloomin' glad I did!
    I regard Warley in the same way I do RMWeb; lots of good stuff but too big for me.
    Right, now to find some lacemaking pins,

  3. Nice to see you at the show. Warley NEC is a bit of a mix. If you want a shopping experience, it can be that. On the other hand, if you talk to the modellers, it can be a lot more. The range of demos is huge and so if you have a list of questions, rather than a shopping list, you probably get more out of it.

    One hint: go on Sunday. 1/3rd of the people so less of a scrum. Unless fighting though crowds of middle aged anoraks is your thing...

  4. Phil: Likewise. I wasn't going to go, then got my arm twisted by Eeyore and Mrs F who wanted a lift to see the German market in Brum. Compared to two years ago there seemed less trade. No Slaters? And no Squires of course.
    Si:EM... again?
    Steve: nothing. Make it a round dozen and its's a party.

  5. EM......yep, 'fraid so, although in truth, like 009, it never really went away since I got the "bug" from seeing Martin Brent's original Arcadia at the DeLaWarr Pavilion in about 1980. I've been intermittently furtling about with it for nearly 30 years without producing much more than an A5 turnout (ply-and-rivet, no less) and a few wagon kits, so don't expect a layout any time this century!
    I liked the doughnuts I got from the German market when I walked down New Street on friday.......