Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Gay Joes

To Reading yesterday to the Gauge O Trade Show. Yes, it is just that, not a layout in sight. On the way in I was stuck how much money was being spent - boxes of locos coming out the door. This isn't your 60 quid Bachmann OO, but hundreds of pounds of kit. Plus people carrying large bags of Parkside wagon kits. When I say bags I mean shopping bags not a woosey carrier. Something with £150 worth of wagons in it. These boys know how to spend. Recession? What recession?
The reason for going was a) to have a look and b) to buy a couple of bits for the Rude-not-to project - things I can't easily make like milk churns, a hexagonal post box and a bag of underscale Slaters seated figures for the inside of the coaches (cheap and closer to 5.5, but OK in the dark - a bit like the first Mrs F.).
It has just been suggested that I don't give cake reviews like PP, but a sort of Times restaurant mark.
Rivermead Lesure Centre: food 7
queue 2
rucksack percentage 65%

Mick Thornton's Expong photos here. Garn from No 83, but loads of good stuff in there.


  1. "bit like the first Mrs F" lol...*chokes on his coffee*

  2. I spent the day at the Gauge 1 AGM. The stand next to me was selling coaches at 500 quid a pop. And selling lots of them.

    Mind you, the cah is better spend on toy trains than sitting in the bank at present.