Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Looking Ahead

Now that all the Christmas frivolity is behind us, it's time to open the diary to see what's in store for 2012 and what I have to do in the immediate future. Well on the work front it all looks a little sad, but the first half of the year is full of modelling appointments. The first being to drag Rhiw (Llynfordd) down to Devon for one of the in-house photographers to point a camera at it for future publication. This means that what I should be doing for the first week of 2012 is tidying up a few small jobs on it like adding an extra lever on the ground frame, and possibly purchasing a pack of the Ratio relay boxes, since now that they are available, it seems churlish not to put a pair where they undoubtedly would be in real life.

Then after that there is a line of exhibitions ending with Portmadog in May. After that it goes quiet, but in the meantime there is Nigel's Svanda to get on with and the rude-not-to 7mm ng project. So despite have little income there is plenty to do.

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