Monday, 16 April 2012


I can't remember if this image has appeared on the net before. However the loco is now being under the ownership of Steve Driscoll. Both vehicles from my short foray into 3mm scale (or P3 as I saw it described yesterday) Both are Finney and Smith kits and built to 14.2mm gauge, but here perched on HO track.
There has been little here of late whilst Mr Grumpy is trying to put a couple of quid in the bank. And if the RM article wasn't enough, some video arrived yesterday which proves it. Even though it's not relevant I may stick a short clip up here just to show what I look like when I'm not liking the bass player. When it's not happening it's like the marital 'conversations with the flying plates'.


  1. P3 ?

    14.2 is the P4 equivelent for 3mm scale. Because it's 3 rather than 4mm though,it is 25% more difficult. Thus, 3mm modellers are the best !

  2. I rather like 'P3'. It's snappy and is easier than troting out the scale/gauge combo. If 18.83/4mm is P4, then why not P3 for 14.2/3mm? But that begs he question why do the continental finescalers use 'P87' when 'HOP' is so much more fun.

  3. I seem to remember someone (was it Iain Rice) reckoning that if 1:87 finescale got called ProtoHo it would sound like some red indian tribe......
    Must admit I'd thought the standards for 3mm scale/14.2mm were rather more akin to those used in EM (as are those used in 2mmFS) you don't necessarily need compensation etc., so perhaps logically it should be FM gauge.
    At least the smaller scales don't seem to have the multiplicity of scales and societies that 4mm does!

  4. Ahh... but there's gauge in the middle, 13.5 or something. So the EM equivalent is there. FM as in Free Mill....?

    1. Hehehe hadn't thought of that! Didn't realise there was a "middle" gauge either, hadn't heard of that one (or seen a layout for that matter). I think that if I ever had to start again from scratch (in standard gauge) it would be in 3mm....or possibly S......

  5. Hi Chris
    The tram is alive and well on the 14.2 3mm eqivulent of P4! The Society now produce RTR track in 13.5 some come on all you EM modellers fancy something different! Steve