Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Six feet of pleasure.

Phil Parker's post today is worth a peek and trips over that (depending on my mood) bete noir or layout I'd love to build - Roy Link's Art of Compromise. That being a four point terminus in six feet of length (click the AotC tag at the bottom for lots more on this). For some reason I'm drawn to these designs as PP is - quick to build and scratch multiple itches.

The above short clip as promised/warned. CF in very grumpy mood. This was the third bass player in a week and it really wasn't happening. Work consumes me at the moment and not all of it is good.

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  1. Loving the clip lol! We had a very good bassplayer, but sometimes I had to persuade him to come on stage as he was brilliant but very shy. In the end we turned it into a part of the act...he also had a habit of turning his back to the audience. He's gone on to better things now.