Thursday, 19 April 2012

Testing times

A full test has now been carried on on Tal-coed. Mostly OK except a point disintegrating which had to be nailed back together and a couple of connection problems. All the Garn stock trundled round OK without bumping into things so that was a bonus. Usually I'll build something between the test and the first outing which hangs over the track. The problem now is to make a track cleaner which will 'do' under the bridges - small holes, big hands.

Did anyone pick up the Phil Cornwell thing on Radio 4 last night about a train driver/modeller? I had to turn it off. It may as well of been titled 'Why railway modellers suffer with autism and ADHD' I know there are the odd unwashed example about, but fishing and motor enthusiasts don't get this bad press so why do we?

1 comment:

  1. Glad the test has gone ok; I was slightly concerned that there may have been a layout/skip interaction if it hadn't.
    My personal favourite track cleaner (as recommended by Roy Link)....small block of wood with 2000 grade paper glued on.....maybe on a wooden handle for those awkward spots.
    Funnily enough, motorcycle enthusiasts don't get the same sort of nonsense either although they can be pretty obsessive....perhaps the prospect of an unfortunate encounter with a large spanner puts the chattering classes off......