Thursday, 24 May 2012


Everything's ground to a halt right now - I haven't even finished the Thonycroft. After the manic build up to Porthmadog which saw all day, every day modelling, I need to slow down for a minute. This is not a race, I do not need to do this and let's face it there are better things to do with your time than modelling. That said it has been mooted that there will be a trip to the North to visit the Aylesbury show sometime over the weekend if only to throw things at Chris Nevard and see Inkerman Street.

On an unrelated note: I watched a Bill Bruford lecture on youtube... 'the good thing is that anyone can make a CD in their bedroom. The bad thing is... that everyone is making CDs in their bedrooms.'
If you don't get that, it means that instead of there being a trajectory through the industry, there is no success (unless you count the 15 mins of Simon C**ell fame) so everyone is just scrabbling around in the sawdust on the floor. Nobody will invest it it anymore.

I mentioned Unnycoombe TV a while back. It would appear to be tricky to find. Here's a clue.


  1. If you're at Aylesbury on saturday we may well see's one show I've wanted to go to for a long time, but as it's normally a bank holiday this weekend I go and sit in a field in either Wales or Norfolk getting drunk instead.
    The big draw for me is the MRJ-featured stuff, Llanastr and Inkerman Street plus part of Aylesbury High Street....back to the future?

  2. Fame at last! You know there's a 3mm modeller just waiting to get out!