Monday, 23 July 2012

C Class 0-6-0

 After  a not too small amount of pressure, a trip to the Bluebell was quickly organised for Saturday. I'm not a great fan of the line though it's very well stocked with 'stuff'. However it is only ten minutes away. Our engine for the day was the C Class so bearing in mind the forthcoming Bachmann model, which I may even buy (don't ask) some photos were taken of the cab and backhead.


  1. Very useful, especially as the Bachmann model appears to be painted as per the Bluebell. I'm assuming the inside cab colour is scumble rather than real wood.

  2. That's a proper job inside that cab, lovely. But so like those namby pamby southerners to scumble the inside of the cab :-) Maybe I feel like that because it looks a little bit like an Aspinall 0-6-0 tender loco from this view. I know what you mean about the local my case, "The cobbler's bairns are the worst shod"...I still love the Ffestiniog, but the WHR leaves me a bit cold, unless it's the sight of a double Fairlie powering through Nantmor. (heresy, I know. I'll get my coat now).

  3. Looks like scumble to me. However it does have a lovely feel and very roomy compared to some, especially the NG locos.