Monday, 13 August 2012

Class 313

With Mrs F's compact working at the limit of its zoom capability Cl 313 whisks five people from Lewes to Seaford in not a lot of comfort. This is one of those 'how long' moments. I thought it was 18 months ago that these units landed from Silverlink in East London, but I reported this on the old form of this page so it has to be at least four years ago. There were initial worries about no toilets. I haven't seen any puddles so I guess this was unfounded, and anyway you could jump out at Lewes. They are however a bit basic - hard ABS seats with not a lot of buttock room make for an uncomfortable ride, but their success means that they will undoutably stay on the Seaford-Brighton run.


  1. That's one of those prototype shots that looks like a model! The odd thing is that had it been something like an old BR DMU or a 158 (which I suppose IS an old BR DMU!)and I was asked to guess where the pic was taken I'd have said somewhere on the Cambrian in a rare sunny moment.....water, trestle bridge, hill in the background......

  2. PS must admit that I find the 313s more pleasant to travel in than the 377s which really do give me a sore bum; somehow although the 313 seats have less padding they just fit me better (and the new seats are a lot better than the ones they had in Silverlink service!).
    Opening windows are nice too. Rumour has it that their sphere of operations may be spreading eastwards although I don't see how they're going to diagram it with the current timetable as a 377 works BTN-ORE-VIC-ORE-BTN and repeat ad nauseum and not much time to work anything else in.

  3. I'm on one most mornings at the moment from Lewes to Brighton they're... tolerable. It's only 15 minutes and I've got Twitter. A bit annoying to have to break from working at a table when I change though.

    I think some are running to Eastbourne at the moment. Not sure I would put up with the whole journey from Bexhill on one though!