Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I'm guessing that a lot of modellers go through periods of directionless non-achievement. I seem to be sitting in one of those right now. I have a small pile of unfinished projects which I can't seem to complete. There is the 7mm station building which I'm plodding through, but looks like something from a dolls house shop - maybe I just don't 'do' 7mm, it never gets where I want it to. Then there is the Stroudley coach which needs a couple of handrails on before I paint the body, but with no specific project for it to go to, I can't raise the enthusiasm to finish it. Then there is the Q kits Ruston which is so awful that I'm losing the will to live. If I'd taken a couple of bonnet sides from an Arfix Drewery to sort out the tricky bits and done the rest from plastic sheet, I think I'd have done it by now. As it is, the w/m parts are so mis-shapen that the time it's taking for the duff result seems less than pleasurable and hardly worth it.

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