Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Trams at Christmas

 Well here we are another Christmas Day and even though I managed to land a gig so don't get a day off I've got a few hours to do things.
The trip to Lisbon is a far off memory, but I'd though I'd share these. I bemoaned from the start that there wasn't a transport museum. This surprised me as the tram system is so in your face from the moment you arrive. However there was no mention of one in any of the guides (no mention of fingers and woggles please). On a ride out of town I spotted it. Tucked away on the main road west.
Good? Yes. They take you round the site in an inspector's tram and gently show you through five rooms full of trailers and horse trams. Apart from what looked like five women from the local W.I. we were the only visitors. Sad. It's a lovely little museum, cost three quid to get in and is woefully under publicised.

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  1. That does look worth a visit.....I like the flat-ended vehicles (trailers?), they're more typically european in appearance than the standard trams. Struggling a bit with what to do to make my H0 Lisbon tram look a bit less like a Lisbon tram (if you see what I mean). I suspect it'll end up looking nothing at all like the original and that I might as well have scratch-built something but then I always need to have a starting point for whatever I'm doing. The tram layout is glaring at me from its place on the top of the pile but a running session/more scenic additions will have to wait until I've unpacked all the other stuff. Seasonal wossname greetings etc., Simon