Friday, 11 January 2013

News in brief

Firstly it will be noted that there is an image on the post. This was uploaded via Picasa which works fine... so if that works, why the hell doesn't the direct method?

item 1: Tal-coed appears in this months RM, with Andrew Burnham's photos and a smattering of Roy Link and Dick Wyatt as well as at least one grammatical error that ain't mine.

item 2: There is precisely zero modelling going on due to more studious activities post panto.

item 3: I picked up a copy of the above in Smiths in Lewisham of all places. I'm not going to get all lyrical as PP wanders in here once in a while, but will say that it's worth picking up and has  presented me with a few thoughtful moments. Smiths are obviously feeling sorry for our Phil as they are discounting it down to a fiver - buy now to avoid the rush, but if you go to Lewisham for it... do take your own knife.

1 comment:

  1. Tal-coed looks great in the "Modeller" and it's a very enjoyable article. It really looks rather "Croesor" to me, a lovely job...and in such a small build time! Want a job?