Tuesday, 23 April 2013


 My original plan of using the Roxey seat mouldings back to back didn't work. Why? Because there wasn't enough material in the kit for the six seats needed...odd. So. For the middle 'low backed' variety some square stripwood and thin ply. The later from a wooden cross that the Jehovah Witness' dropped through the door. I'm pretty anti-any religion, however if any denomination wishes to give modelling materials away then I'm all ears.
 A set of single seats at either end and a par of 'lows' in the middle and we're done.
Ta dah! This has been the longest build in my entire modelling career. The kit was bought in 2000 and the chassis built not long after. Then it languished for a while. Thirteen years on (and I note a price jump from £46 - £70) and it's complete. Would I recommend? Well apart from the small niggles outlined along the way, yes. Even at seventy quid you get your modelling money's worth and that to an extent is the mind set of O gauge. It can be pricey, but the cash to hours ratio is higher than the smaller scales simply because there is more to do.
Now it needs somewhere to run. Tim.....?

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