Saturday, 8 February 2014

Roco 4

A few days ago I put a cheeky request on here for some brass grill. I've always believed that if you do't ask you don't get. What I also know for certain is that there are some very kind people out there and lo and behold the above turns up on the doormat a day or two later from a certain bearded biker who is easy to spot from his helmet (don't go there...).
 A bit of trimming and super glue.... plus handrails and a drilled-out length of point control tube. This is a bit suspect on positioning being a little close to the radiator, but aesthetically it balances. In the background the chassis unit and the world famous scrap box.
Dodging the showers outside ( Mrs F. grumbles if I spray paint around near her car in the garage) it was given a light coat of Halfords's primer which as usual shows how bad the workmanship is, and here perched drunkenly on the chassis unit.

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