Garn 009

Garn was built at a difficult part of my life and to a certain extent acted as therapy. The main scenic board is just 1 metre by 14" deep and is constructed from 6mm MDF. The track is PECO 009 with the points wired through small DPDT slide switches mounted on top of the board at the front. This is not as ludicrous as it sounds and after a while they blend into the whole.
The scenic base is paper mache over card formers covered with Woodlands Scenics, coffee, tea leaves and anything else to hand. The walls are 1mm x 4mm card blocks laid one at a time - which is as tedious as it sounds. Trees are constructed from Hebe twigs and Woodlands Scenics foliage mat.

Rolling stock is mainly kits or kit-bashes largely from the Chivers and Meridian ranges with a few 'creations' of my own. They're all strung together with Greenwich couplings and painted with Humbrol acrylic paint.
As the period set is the early thirties in very rural Shropshire there are few road vehicles - in fact there is only a single Merit bicycle behind the station. The inspiration for the scene was from photos of the Tal-y-llyn and Corris lines between the wars where there are hardly any people, let alone cars.

At ExpoNG 2011 Garn was lucky enough to run two of PD Hancock's locos  Duncan and Moira, lent by Rod Alcock.
Garn was featured in the July 2009 Railway Modeller and is now under new ownership in the Midlands.