The Early Years 78-93

1978 - I was 14 and Roy Link's 'Art of the Compromise article had just appeared. Things to note: the brick wallpaper, the H and M Clipper, and the 2x1 and chipboard baseboard with cork tiles. I don't know why this has fallen out of favour so much - my loft floor is built like this and works a treat...

The first 009 layout 1987 built in a one-bedroom flat in central Worthing. Scratch-built buildings, Peco track and ply basebords, semi-boxed design... very modern for the time.
First exhibition. 1992.009 layout based loosely on Golf Links on the R&C. Fully boxed ply boards, scratch built building and track.

1993. A prototype... well nearly. Wenhaston on the Southwold, but built to 009 standards. Ply board again, but no box or backscene. Scratch-built track on PCB and buildings from card/wood/plastic. I was particularly pleased with the Pain station building: stripwood over card and then inlaid with Slaters brick. Hairy underfelt grass and stock from Golden Arrow. The layout was shown at table height connected to Simon Wilson's Southwold - he still has the painted green (of course).