Pinchingfield 1:24

Pinchingfield was built in 2003/4 and featured in Railway Modeller in Nov' 2004.
Designed to display the mainly card-built stock of Les Coleman and 90% built  by yours truly. It was experimental in many ways both in the choice of scale (1:24) and with regard to the materials used. As usual simplicity was the name of the game with just four points on a 7'8" x 15" baseboard.

 Pinchingfield was sold (less stock) in 2007 to a gentleman called Catweasel (really!) and was destroyed in a house fire in early 2011.
 Les Coleman is still building in 1:24 and 1:32 scales, and can be seen on the exhibition circuit. I however have resisted the boom in 1:24 and Gn15 that has happened in recent times. The sub-garden large scales are not for me.

All images: Len Weal/Peco Studio