The Art of Compromise

 The Art of Compromise was built from a plan in the 1978 Railway Modeller, mainly to see if it could be made to work. It can... with a few tweaks. At 6' long by 1' wide it's fairly low impact and is ideal for a first try with only four points and no sections to worry about.
 The buildings are from kits and with one exception are from ranges that were available around the time that the article was published. So not only was the challenge to fit it into the physical space, but also to (where possible) keep to period items.
 Likewise the rolling stock follows the late 1970s/early 1980s vibe with items from Airfix, Mainline, Ratio, Slaters and Cooper Craft.
 The build of the layout has been documented in the main part of the blog - click on the tag 'AotC' to bring up the posts in reverse order.
The layout featured in the October 2018 Railway Modeller, exactly 40 years after the plan that inspired it.

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  1. That's a nice concept, and very well executed. I especially like the idea of using period items. It's interesting that it doesn't look "dated" - they were and are good kits. Your excellent modelling is probably the main factor though.