Sunday, 17 September 2023

The 009 Society 50th anniversary

Well that was worth a trip. Most of the model railway societies started their lives in the 1970s and the 009 bunch is no different. 1973 being 50 years ago suggests a serious party and this didn't disappoint. I'd never been to Statfold Barn before, but I'll put that to one side for a moment as it deserves a better post than I could fit in here. Safe to say it is a one-man funded enterprise which is simply outstanding and highly professional. 

The 009 Society had occupied a huge 'barn' and filled it with some of the finest of the Society's membership layouts. Actually taking a look at these was hard with so many old friends to talk to, all topped off with what was a surprisingly impressive meal (save the coffee). The final shot was being dragged out to the car park to view a Garn-influenced layout to be shown on day two.



 Things we have to research part 431: After making a big deal about The Seething Pigs there had to be some. Despite not having ever bought any, I found a trio in a tobacco tin. Now suitably researched and painted. The Seething Pigs made real.

Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Seething Bridge

And so it came to pass that the bridge was built. This, like everything else on this project, was to be as close to zero cost as possible. Any bit of scrap and offcut was inspected to assess usefulness and a selection of (unmatching) brick sheet was selected. These were assembled into piers and joined in a flimsy manner with what I think are Wills barge boards, here masquerading as small girders. 

The structure as repeatedly checked for fit before throwing some slightly dried up end-of-the-pot Humbrol acrylic at it. The form is one of a farm occupation bridge and thus quite lightweight though at a scale 10' wide a Coopercraft AEC will just pass through.
I'm on a roll now


Monday, 28 August 2023

Mech-horse holiday

I may have put this up before, but it's worth repeating. The 'different time' tag is evident and some of the commentary flies in the face of modern environmental sensibilities. However there is much here which could be taken as ahead of its time and it's a shame that it was not seen as worth pursuing.