Rhiw 00 4mm

Rhiw was a OO layout mainly built from commercial items and used mostly RTR rolling stock bolstered by a few kits. Built 2010/11 against the clock, due to an exhibition invite 12 months ahead. The fictional base was the South Wales valleys in the late 80s in the last days of state-owned British Rail. The platform was a 'new' structure built following the sale of the original terminus site. 

Traffic was DMUs and scrap/chemicals worked via an exchange siding to an off-stage industrial site.
The scenic portion was 7'2" in length x 12" in width plus a fiddle yard taking the overall length to a shade under 11'.

A couple of photos and a few bits that I used for inspiration. One was an article in the March 1986 Modern Railways which includes a feature on the regeneration of the Welsh Valleys lines - of which Rhiw was an imaginary section. The period is 85-89 just prior to privatisation and post miner's strike when the Valleys (supposedly) had money pumped into them; new passenger services were planned on old freight lines and the (then) new Sprinter units were coming on-stream.

Rhiw appeared in the July 2012 Railway Modeller.

The layout was broken up in 2014 after attending several exhibitions.