Monday, 28 September 2009

Weathered Hornby VDA

A quick snap of the finished VGA. The first shot is the lowered by 2mm, but otherwise untouched model. The second is the repainted and complete refurbishment.
The Hornby molding is excellent, but the whole thing sits too high and the ends (and possibly roof) should be red to match the stripe. The other thing which jars slightly is the molded roof vent which I can't see on any prototype photo.
So changes were: lower by filing 2mm from the top of each truck, file off roof molding and replace roof rib, re fix trucks, paint ends and roof and weather using wet wash then dry brush.
I've left the huge Hornby coupling until I decide what to use instead.
A visit to Scaleforum yesterday turned up a 'Modern Image' layout which wasn't a million miles from what I envisage the home for the VGA will look like, though obviously in P4. Now that I'm intimate with this wagon I was surprised to see that the example on Callowland was, despite being re-wheeled for P4, still bouncing along on tippy-toes, buffers a scale 6" higher than the next vehicle, and sporting the questionable roof vent. Obviously the 2mm difference of track gauge is important, but the vehicle heights aren't.

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