Sunday, 9 October 2011

Railway type Sentinals

I was gently berated a couple of days ago by Miles Bevan for only showing a part photo of the 7mm Sentinal. Built on a cheap Hornby 0-4-0 mech from plastic sheet, a till roll and a Wrightlines chimney. For a 7mm loco (even for a narrow gauge one) it's small and the chassis has been cut-back to its limits. Other than that it's quite a simple build; as Miles put it, '...two boxes and a bit of trim.' I worked from a Tony Harwood drawing in Narrow Lines and from a mix of two prototypes: the first the 2' gauge Whinstone Quarries version,

and the 3' Clee Hill Quarry example, adding inspection flaps over the skirt cut-outs to hide the big wheels and over-length wheelbase.

The cab interior is semi-detailed but with the figure (who appears to be throwing up in the corner) blocking the door it seems hardly worth the effort.


  1. Nice to see that my drawing were of use.

    Tony Harwood

  2. Very. Were there many more other than the series in NL?