Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Ramble

The modelling week has been a bit scatter-gun. Wright's Cottage has moved on no further, falling victim to me trying to link bits of work that involved soldering. The reason for this being a push to get Nigel's Svanda complete as regards track, so a bit of plain and a couple of points to wire up; no photos, but there is some video footage elsewhere. While I had a hot dripping iron in my hand I attached some wires to the 009 which has what must be my simplest wiring job to date - whole layout... four wires. Though I may add a couple of on/off switches just to add a little flexibility to what can only be described as an 009 trainset.
Yesterday afternoon post delivery of the Norwegian piece to Crawley a Stanley knife was produced and card formers added to continue the rock-face already roughed out on the other board and an end sky-board with a hole for choo-choos to pass through was knocked-up on the back step before the snow set in.
As far as this blog is concerned, I never fail to smile when the French goods shed post appears on the stats and today tops them again. Why? Are there that many people looking for property or can people really not find the fleshpot sites that are available free gratis and for nothing on the web?

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