Monday, 9 April 2012

Modern Sentinal

I have a bit of a soft spot for Sentinals of all shapes and sizes, so this shiny example got snapped in South Wales a few months ago. If lines of industrials standing in the rain are your thing then aim for Big Pit and wander a mile or so uphill and they are there for the snapping and climbing.
I note that there's a kit available these days from Knightwing... never seen one. Do they get snapped up, or is it one of those advertise but not in production tricks?


  1. I have seen the odd Sentinel kit around; pretty sure Branchlines stock them as they also do a chassis kit (and I think Dave Hammersley does too).

  2. Ahh yes ... Dave Hammersley...
    Mind you there is still the problematic Q Kits Ruston to sort out yet

  3. Any Q Kits kit will be a problem. Just bin it and buy the Knightwing.