Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Joiner's Thornycroft

The Thornycroft now more or less done. It looks a bit clean, but then owner/driver vehicles often are - I remember washing the drays down with a bass broom every couple of days (must have been great for the paintwork) when I was a slip of a lad.
At some point and on an unbuilt layout I envisage this in a scene having been part unloaded with a leisurely conversation going on next to it between the carpenter/joiner and the goods agent.
The name is an obvious choice.


  1. This looks great! I wouldn't have had the guts to paint it blue like this but it really works so well. I had a job as a teenager, washing trucks for a local haulage firm...I must say if I had used a broom I would have been in big trouble, they were all so fussy about their Leyland Comets...there you are, that dates me! Anyway, nice job you did, makes me think I will finish that Foden that I started.

  2. I'm a touch later with Bedford MKs and Leyland Terriers.