Friday, 8 June 2018

Rhymney steel bodied van

Rhymney Railway steel van done. Pretty basic changes: horse hooks, commode handles and vents. The brakes I bottled out of. The GWR made all sorts of changes including leaving the Dean-Churchwoods on one side and adding a Morton lever on the other with just a shoe on the RH wheel. For simplicity I just left the single Morton supplied with the kit. Ideally you'd start with a Cooper Craft chassis and Ratio body, but that's just getting silly. Making numbers up from single digits is not my favourite task and the camera makes it look even worse.

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  1. Hi Chris

    It's a nice build. Looks good. I guess your concern about the numbers illustrates a dilemma with modelling. Does one just stick with the lovely RTR stuff that has the numbers applied by an ever so precise machine or actually build something that is a little way from perfection, yet is unique to the creator and for that matter is a good representation of the prototype? Have a look at how scabby real wagons were. ;-)