Oake is a small-ish 7mm scale layout which was built for a constructional series running in Railway Modeller from December 2020 to February 2021. The size was determined by  he Peco  display stand at the Warley exhibition. The target finish  being that show in November 2020 - which of course didn't happen. The layout was built on three commercial boards (3m x 400mm o/a) from WhiteRose and the track is Peco Bullhead. The scenics are notable for mostly being items designed for 4mm scale though there are a few selected 7mm odds and ends such as fencing.

Due to the lack of exhibitions during 2020/21 the layout languished for a while and then ended up in the way of the next project and so was passed on. It now resides somewhere in Darkest Hampshire with a new owner.
Photos: Craig Tiley/Peco studio


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