Monday 30 September 2013

On yer bike.

Due to expected spiralling costs caused by HS2, railtrack have cut back vehicle costs to something more representative of the austerity age.

Friday 27 September 2013

Svanda at Croydon model railway exhibition

Svanda at Croydon
I've moved... at long last. From the pokey house in the sticks to a pokey house in town. But that's me done now, no more Mr. Mortgage.

Next week sees the premiere of Nigel's Svanda at the Croydon show; details to follow or see the reduced paper quality press. this afternoon saw some final work on the pros-arch boards and a little scenic tinkering.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Volks 3

By coincidence Phil Parker is talking about this as well, so wander over to him for more. This is the last of three picture posts from last week of what is my local NG railway; although tramway is probably a better description in many people's eyes.

L' shana tova.  it can only get better than it is today.
 On the short raised section near the pier.
Volks railway
 At 'Half way'
Volks railway
 Sheds at Halfway
Volks railway
Volks railway
What I assume to be an underframe awaiting quite a bit of work.

Sunday 1 September 2013

The Volks 2

Volks railway
 The Volks Railway was open in 1883 and claims to be the oldest operating electric railway, although I think this may be challenged by a line in Wales. Originally laid to 2' and later regauged to 2'9" it currently runs from the Palace Pier to a point just short of Brighton Marina. mostly at ground level.
Volks railway
 The 'station' at the pier end. Wills taxi man' shelter as a start point in 4mm?
Volks railway
 The loop at the western end sit a couple of hundred yards from the terminus.
Volks railway
Stock comprises of powered cars and trailers running off of 110 volts from the third rail.